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Rooster 8.1 Nationals

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Boats and Sailors Buzzing after a great second day at the Rooster 8.1 Nationals.

With winds and heavy rain forecast for Sunday, there were some who decided not to return to Weir Wood for the second day of Rooster 8.1 racing. However, optimism was bubbling on the shore as the sailors rigged for a 10am start especially as there were ripples on the water

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In just 5 knots of wind the sailors were almost hiking when going to windward so there was no danger of not racing today. The RO was not limited by his sailing instructions and it became apparent that he was keen to get as many races in as possible when he flew the S flag for shortening the first race after just 30 mins of racing. Short though the race appeared, there had been just enough time for me (Steve Cockerill) to pass David Binding on the second beat, defend the lead on the last offwind and take the gun with Simon Barrington finishing closely in third.

Simon Barrington | © Lönja Selter

Race 3 quickly followed race 2 - and this time Simon Barrington won the favoured pin, quickly tacking to the right. The left had worked well for the first race as there appeared to be more wind on that side, although there were hints of a bend in the wind favouring a starboard tack approach at the windward mark, giving options to take favourable shifts to the right hand side with a possibility to take back some ground at the top mark. I rounded first having taken the mid line start option and capitalised on the right shift at the starboard lay line closely followed by Simon Barrington and Greg Fowler. This was the score at the end of the race. Unfortunately for David Binding, he had taken some transoms to get to the left only to find the wind was heading him all the way into the windward mark on his port tack approach and he ended up scoring his worst of the series with an 8th.

Simon Barrington wins the pin | © Lönja Selter

Race 4

The wind increased to about 8 knots - apparently it also rained, which was probably unnoticed as the racing was getting more exciting by the minute. The starts continued to be important - but with many routes to the first mark, the boats were again spread out down the line. On this occasion the first mark was very busy, with Neil Peters capsizing to windward leaving Steve and Simon free to take the first two places. Neil felt infringed and would have shouted protest at Steve, he said later, but for the fact that he could not speak due to the shock of the situation. I thought he had come to his senses and tacked - then capsized. I heard no call so carried on. Half a lap later Neil waved politely and said 'protest' So what would you do? Start doing turns??

Oops! | © Lönja Selter

Race 5

Simon Barrington again went for the pin, but on this occasion found himself in nowhere land above one sailor, going too fast to stop - and nowhere to go to so he took a turn round the pin. When the wind also went right favouring those who started at the committee boat, his fight back was made just too hard. David Binding this time took second from Steve ( yes me ) with Gregory Fowler taking third. Time for a quick refuel at the galley and back for the last 2 races:

Happy Sailors! | © Lönja Selter

Race 6

The wind had started to build to perhaps 9 knots - and the Rooster 8.1 was happily planing downwind in the gusts. Upwind they were manageable with a good deal of Cunningham to hold the flow forward, but very little vang tension and a surprising amount of outhaul eased upwind. Chris Fyans rounded the top mark in second and also managed to work the left down the run to hold third at the leeward mark passing Neil Peters who took another look at his boats bottom - capsizing to windward as the new gust hit. On the last trapezoid, Sarah made huge gains downwind passing Chris Fyans on the last reach to round in touch with Simon and I, to take her first third place.

Steve Cockerill | © Lönja Selter

Race 7

It felt like a repeat of race 6. Now the boats were buzzing downwind. Was this really just 10 knots? Once again Steve led from Simon who had a great comeback on the second beat - to make it a battle down the last run, but with the tactical advantage of starboard gybe - Steve was able to take the inside rounding at the gybe mark to take the gun for the 6th time. Sarah once again zipped downwind and managed to hold off the charge from Neil Peters on the short beat to the finish to take 3rd.

Neil Peters - Rooster 8.1's Sailing secretary | © Lönja Selter

What a difference from Saturday; as the sailors came ashore they were buzzing with excitement. What was also interesting was how balanced the competitors were across the wind range. Both 95kg and 67Kg sailors battling it out in winds less than 12 knots. The larger helms were quicker upwind and the smaller ones quicker downwind. a full on fun days sailing in relatively light winds. I took the title which as part of the designer and supplier, I really do not want to win, but at the same time, I do not want to give it away. Its great news that Neil Peters is now the Rooster 8.1 sailing secretary he has some great new ideas. He has already negotiated a new sail from Rooster Sailing for the 2013 Rooster 8.1 series. Let's hope for some more wind next year!

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Steve's Kit Bag

Conditions: Wet 8-12 C between 0 - 12 knots. Poly Pro Top (size L) - it drys overnight and is naturally hydrophobic - when worn next to the skin it is comfortable and dry. ThermaFlex Top (size L) - now its colder I am using it as my insulator - by wearing the PolyPro Top underneath I have a super warm combination. Rooster Pro Hikers (size 3) Rooster ProHike Pads (size 245) Rooster Neoprene Shorts (size L) - worn underneath for extra comfort. Rooster Pro Aquafleece (size L) our NEW sample red version Rooster Wet Socks (size ML) - for added hiking comfort Rooster Hiking Boots (size 43)- the ultimate in hiking safety with straight toe hiking - and grip for downwind boat pushing. Rooster Black Diamond Buoyancy aid (size M) - shaped for extra comfort and freedom. Rooster Aeromesh Cap (size M/L) - for quick drying cool comfort. Rooster Aquafleece Beanie - (size M) - just for when we started the afternoon's racing after lunch or when waiting between races.

Final Results

Pos Sail No Helm Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pts Category
1st 501 Steve Cockerill HHSC ‑2 ‑1 1 1 1 1 1 5 Master
2nd 371 Simon Barrington WWSC ‑7 3 2 2 ‑6 2 2 11 Apprentice Master
3rd 426 David Binding WWSC 1 2 ‑8 ‑7 2 5 7 17 Grand Master
4th 506 Sarah Cockerill HHSC ‑9 ‑8 6 4 5 3 3 21 Lady Master
5th 288 Gregory Fowler PBSC 5 ‑7 3 5 3 7 ‑9 23 Youth Helm
6th 500 Neil Peters PBSC 4 ‑9 4 ‑10 4 8 4 24 Master
7th 424 Bruce Ramshaw WWSC (DNC) 6 7 3 ‑9 6 6 28 Apprentice Master
8th 395 David Giles WWSC 6 4 5 8 7 (DNC) (DNC) 30 Grand Master
9th 306 Ben Falat GY&G 8 5 9 6 11 (DNC) (DNC) 39 Grand Master
10th 417 Chris Fyans WWSC ‑12 10 10 ‑11 8 4 11 43 Great Grand Master
11th 384 Duncan Lawson WWSC 10 12 11 9 10 (DNC) (DNC) 52 Master
12th 213 Bill Stean WWSC (DNC) 11 ‑12 12 12 11 10 56 Grand Master
13th 398 Chris Spencer -Smith WWSC ‑13 13 ‑14 13 13 12 8 59 Master
14th 502 Mark Lambdin BonA 14 14 13 14 ‑15 10 (DNC) 65 Master
15th 503 Logan John Smith BonA 11 ‑15 ‑15 15 14 13 12 65 Junior Apprentice Master
16th 499 Nick Bush WWSC (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC 9 5 74
17th 489 Peter Young WWSC 3 (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC 83 Apprentice Master
18th 499 Rosie Tribe WYC 15 (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC 95 Apprentice Master Lady
19th 0 Rupert Bedell QMSC (DNC) (DNC) DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 100 Apprentice Master

For Sale

Demo rigs are listed with glass fibre mast extender sail and tapered battens. If you want just the sail - then knock off £80. Number Condition Price 213 Good (used 4 weekends) £295 288 Good (used 3 weekends) £305 306 Good (used 3 weekends) £305 371 Excellent (used 2 weekends) £325 384 Excellent (used 2 weekends) £325 424 Excellent (used 2 weekends) £325 499 Excellent (used 1 weekend) £345 501 Excellent (used 1 weekend) £345 (National Championship Winning Rig) 506 Excellent (used 1 weekend) £345

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