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Kit Guide

Regatta Fix

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

I took my old Wednesday Night Club Race Laser over to the East Lothian regatta a couple of weekends ago. I need my regatta fix while we get ourselves used to the 500, so this seemed like a good chance to sail at a lovely venue. And the sun shone all weekend and it got pretty windy on Saturday too. I was so glad it wasn't wild again on the Sunday as I'm just not fit enough these days to sail a Laser all weekend and to think I used to wear a weight jacket, I wonder how I did it. Highlights were winning the second race on Saturday, lowlights, leading the last race until the wind left me and filled in where everyone else was. It does surprise my how my 28 year old Laser holds up though. It is still dry and although it isn't as competitive as a new one, it's not that far off.
I got it to just do club racing and it fills that role perfectly and with Ian Renilson getting one for the same reason we have some brilliant racing. There is usually just boat lengths in it, which is too bad if my legs hurt and I need a wee rest.
But now I have a problem, do I get a newer Laser and maybe get a bit more competitive, which removes the "maybe my boats just a bit slow" excuse or do I hold onto my old boat because it's doing just what I want? The Bank of Wife might be the deciding factor, I'll need to think about it.

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