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Race Coaching

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

I did a bit of winter coaching last weekend at Port Edgar, which is situated very near to the Forth Road Bridge and will soon be sandwiched between the new bridge too.
But we had a great weekend despite the lack of wind and the cold. It was probably just as well it was light wind because the temperature didn't get much above 3 or 4C, we were pouring hot water into the Laser mast steps to melt the ice and I had to drive through the snow to get there on Sunday morning.
The enthusiasm of the kids we were coaching was great to see. We had a mix of Lasers and Radials and Fevas and we certainly got enough roll tacking practice and how to get a boat moving in no wind.
The main theme for the weekend was strategy, so the venue, which is very tidal with some unusual effects round the bridges was ideal. It's surprising how much I can re-learn when I coach and pointing out what makes a difference and how to spot them on the water is a great way to refresh my thinking too.

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