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Pula Christmas Regatta - Optimist Racing in Croatia

By 2nd October 2020

Pula was one of my best regattas yet. It was cold but fun, and my Rooster Pro Aquafleece kept me warm on the water. We slept in a hotel that seemed like it had 5 stars to me. The first day I was in the blue fleet and we were first to start. In the first race, there was 10 knots of wind and it was really fun – perfect sailing conditions. For the second race, we spent some time admiring the scenery where we were sailing as the wind dropped to 3 knots in the gusts! In France we call this a “floaty”. When we headed back to the hotel we were tired but still found enough energy to play around. The second day was a lot colder but luckily I had my Pro Aquaflecce to put on top of everything to stay warm, and underneath my PolyPro top. There was no wind, so we waited until around 1pm before going out on the water. After that there wasn't much wind, but sufficient to sail. I didn't mind because I don't mind if it's windy or not, sailing is fun whatever. On the last day the sun finally came out. That day the wind was shifty and the gusts were up to 15 knots. It was so fun. Later on the wind dropped and in the last race I had a BFD. Even with that I finished 49th out of 309 boats. I was sad the regatta was over and life went back to normal.

A big thank you to our coach Seb and our team leader who organised the trip for the Antibes team, Sylvain. We had a great time!


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My trip to Pula, Croatia

On the morning of 2nd December I was so excited about going to Pula as I had never been on a trip as big as this without my parents before. On Wednesday lunchtime we headed off from Cannes in a van filled with sails, bags and children. We started to head East towards Turin in Italy then we passed Milan (it took us 5 hours to get there). We continued through Slovenia and then onto the final section to Pula in Croatia. When we arrived at the hotel in Pula it was 3am. It had taken us almost 15 hours to get there. We went to sleep for 4 hours then our coach woke us up at 7am.

We unpacked our boats then went out on the water. I was so happy to have my new Pro Aquafleece top – it has very quickly become my favourite bit of kit. It is just the best for sailing when the weather is cold. There was no rush to get out on the water quickly as there was no wind when we unpacked the boats. After our training session, we went back ashore. We slept at the hotel. On the second day we went down to the beach and went out on the water, there was about 12 knots of wind. The wind stayed. The fleet seemed to be not as competitive as I had expected (or I was sailing better than usual). I was happy racing in Pula. After the sailing we went back to the hotel and played games like robbers and policemen with the team – it was fun. On the next day we did exactly the same thing but sadly there was less wind but still enough to have fun. In the first race of the day I finished 30-35th, I was one of the smallest in my fleet with an age of 10 years old. In the second race I did not do so well. We finally went back ashore and it was 7pm. We went to bed. The next morning was so much fun on the water. I did a race of 10th, and I think some of the bigger children from my club wished for my result. In the second race I was 30th. I had a great day – I was so happy. Before I went to Pula I didn't know how I'd do in the racing because most of the children were much bigger than me, so I was very happy when I saw I finished in the top half of the fleet (139/309 boats).

On the way back to our club in Antibes we stopped at a motorway service station for a break from the van – it was a long journey. When we got back to the club I was happy and went home and straight to bed. I hope I can go back there next year.

A big thank you to our coach Seb and our team leader who organised the trip for the Antibes team, Sylvain. It was such a cool trip.


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