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Kit Guide

Pimp Your Ride with Sailing Solutions by Rooster!

By 2nd October 2020

Top 10 Winter Topper Pimps

With the weather not allowing playtime on the water Dad & I put a list of our Top Ten Topper Pimps from mine and Eliza's boats. Starting at the top:

1) Old style cranes - get a Rooster Halyard Loop. Make sure its cut to size, to get a tight fit twist the string before threading the loop over the bobble - you don't want any slack here and it shouldn't be easy to get the loop over the bobble!

2) Tape the bottom end of your top section mast to get a snug fit in to the bottom section.

3) Make sure you replace the standard kicker webbing on the lower mast with the Rooster Race Kicker Loop at the VERY 1st sign of wear. It's double stitched with a safety string - never heard of one breaking!

4) Check the bottom of your lower mast - has it worn away? If so this will chew up your mast cup and could kill your Topper!! If it's in good shape, clean and protect with helicopter tape.

5) Painter - this is a safety MUST! Get a Sailing Solutions by Rooster Race Painter, the set up enables RIB crew to reef / de-reef you on the water with ease! Never connect the dagger board elastic to the mast!

6) Metal Gudgeon Plate - expensive but makes the rudder stock / boat a solid connection. Make sure the stock bolt on the rudder is super tight too and the tiller arm fits the stock!

7) Check your Dagger Board Mouldings aren't leaking (under the hull plate). Most do after a while and the whole case unit needs a clean out. Once the pro-grip is in place on the inside, I parcel tape my moulding together to keep the unit stiff & snug.

8) Toe Strap: Check they are not worn at the ends and where your feet go, especially the centre strap. Once they start going - they go!! I use the Sailing Solutions by Rooster Adjustable Toe Strap as it's so easy to use!

9) Remove the steel ring off the boom and use a Velcro Clew Strap - easier to take off on the water for the RIB crew and you get a tighter fit for more leach tension.

10) Lastly the obvious hull and foil prep. Make sure all the screws are tight and fittings not worn, the mouldings on the hull are smooth, the foils mouldings are filled and smooth, the foils leading and trailing edges are in good shape and the hull and foils are all clean and grease free. Hot Water and Fairy Liquid does the trick!

There is so much more you can do to your Topper to get it race ready. It's worth reading the spec on the Rooster Sailing Solutions Topper Sprint XL as a starting point.

Happy Sailing in 2016 Charlie South - 381

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