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Perth International Regatta

By 30th September 2020
Last week I competed in the Perth International Regatta which was a warm-up event for the ISAF Worlds which are set to be held in Perth in December 2011. This was the first big event I have done for 6 years where I have not been part of the British Team. In all honesty, without trying to sound sorry for myself, I found this a huge hurdle to overcome. I was definitely more emotional than normal and it took a lot of mental strength to cope. The 9am starts didn't help much either, zzzzzzzzz!! Although I am disappointed with my overall result of 22nd I am happy with my progress in certain areas. In training prior to the event I was working on lane holding off the startline and downwind technique. I feel as though I have improved massively in these areas and its now just a case of putting everything together during racing. One of my biggest mistakes in the racing was to be too focussed on what was going on in my boat (concentrating on speed and technique) and not enough outside of the boat on how the racing was unfolding. I made a fair few mistakes and missed a lot of opportunities which could have put me a lot higher up on the results board! That is the tough thing about trying new things though, you often go backwards before you go forwards! I have just had a few days off to recover and reflect upon the event before doing one more week of training in Perth. I am then taking some time off to be a tourist as that is one thing that I usually miss out on! I then fly to Melbourne on the 7th December where I will be competing in the Sail Melbourne Regatta where I hope to prove to myself that I still have what it takes! Thank you to Rooster Sailing for all the support! Check back soon for more! AB

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