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By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

Wednesday night's racing was not a good one for me. I struggled to feel what the boat was doing and just couldn't seem to get it right. But with the Open golf on, I was reminded of the comments of a friend of mine, uttered half way round a works golf outing. We were playing in a three, with one of the better players, who went off a 10 handicap, I do well to get under 100 and my friend gets under 120 on a very good day. So our 10 handicapper is not having a good day by his standards and is making the rest of us miserable with his tantrums and general toys-out-of the pram behaviour until my usually very mild mannered friend cuts him off in mid rant with "Would you just shut up! Don't you realise your nightmare round is my dream?!" There may have been a few sweary words in there too but we do have to keep things in perspective and if they don't work out then we try and figure out why and then get out there again.

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