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Perisher :)

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Perisher week 2 Race 1 The frost was out in force this morning perhaps leaving some people to stay in bed.There was a turn out of around 12 (I think). Most people were using a full rig but I thought a jump from 4.7 to full is not always advised, so I opted for the radial. The wind was blowing south-westerly from baiter of force 1/2. The first start was raver frantic but I got away OK probably mid bunch.It paid to go left up the beat because of a shifting wind. One of my main goals this week was to beat a guy called Chris, who I crew for sometimes over the summer and winter in rs200. He was borrowing a laser from a friend and had little experience lasering.We raced up the beat covering each over with me just overhauling him and sneaking past round the windward mark. I managed to keep him off for the first triangle sausage but it was on the final part of the course he managed to sneak past me for a win against me. While all of this was going on the front boats were having a good time but some over exaggerated role tacks led to individuals capsizing ( I won't mention any names). Race 2 The second race the wind had picked up for steady force 2 shifting slightly to the left.Sadly I had a diabolical start which left me having to go back across the line. So it was an uphill struggle from there on out being placed in last.I managed to crawl back 2 places but one decided to retire and the other had trouble rounding the windward mark. I found by then that the nearest two boats where 15 boat lengths ahead.I struggled there on out but found i could not take any more places from the middle bunch. Overall it probably wasn't the best week to try out radial (due to lack of wind) but my weight gave me some help being very light compared to many of the others. It was a really enjoyable start to my perisher. Especially as I was the youngest racing.

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