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Pawel Tarnowski Tests Award Winning Exofleece in Garda

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020
Exofleece - what a material! Recently, Rooster launched a new product: the ExofleeceTM Longjohn and ExofleeceTM Top. I got this set shortly after its premiere and just couldn’t wait to try it on water. Once putting it on ashore I already knew I was gonna be feeling comfortable, it was immediately easy to get on. The only question yet to answer was the warmth. As the material is so thin and smooth I was very curious about its performance. Even though the water in Lake Garda (Trentino, ITALY) wasn’t too warm and the early morning sessions with the cold north wind, in my Exofleece set I could totally focus on training with no thinking about my physical condition while windsurfing. It totally shielded me from the wind chill. I never felt too warm in it (which is embarrassing during races but never cold as well). This has now become my favourite wetsuit. It’s a perfect solution for demanding sailors who always want to keep the pace in rough conditions. Strongly recommend this stuff and totally appreciate having it.

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