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By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
We went down to the lighting of the Paralympic Cauldron in Edinburgh yesterday, which was good but too long and late for a school night. But I'm looking forward to the games although I won't be able to watch as much of it as the Olympics as I'm back at work. We were down in London during the Olympics and managed to see some events, including Team GB at the Volleyball and the Women's cycling Road Race. It was fantastic seeing us win so many medals but the events that totally shredded my nerves were the Star and Finn medal races. I could hardly look as the races came to their conclusion. I couldn't work out if it was because it was "my" sport or because I understood it better or just because it really was one of the most dramatic events of the Olympics. But I did notice that there were more people speaking about the sailing and getting into the tactics and skills even though they had never sailed. Our sport is complex but it's not inaccessable and anyone who can understand the offside rule in football is capable of understanding the basic sailing rules. The coverage was pretty good too fantastic at times) and there were plenty of explanations from the commentators, to fill the knowledge gaps for the non-sailors. I hope we get similar coverage during the Paralympics and hope our team end up proud of their efforts. Go Team GB. Make Some Noise.

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