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Oxford Invitational Team Race

By George Yeoman 30th September 2020
This saturday was the Oxford Invitational part deux run at Farmoor where we had 7 of the top teams out for a bit of a spar pre Wilson Trophy. Unfortunately Sophie was away getting ready for the London marathon, so Tim Goodhew kindly stepped in. It was roasting hot but very little wind. However, we managed to get 8 races in. With shifts coming from all over it was tough going, and we hadn't sailed as a team since the first part of this event. Even so we hit the ground running and it was good to get back into the swing of things having not team raced in so long. At the end of the day we had only lost one race and this left us top of the league. Nice way to finish off with a very smooth 2-3-6 conversion to give us a 2-3-4 win. And it was nice to sail with Rob and Andy again as well, the boys were on form and it makes life easy knowing that within the team you can always have faith they can get you back into the race. On sunday it was game day for Sophie who has been training for the marathon since last year! It was an epic day and all the team came to support her too! She smashed it never stopping and always looked happy (until mile 25!)...and she said she wasn't a runner! With a finishing time of 4:47 she was disappointed as it was just outside her target time, but she shouldn't be it was boiling hot and many people fainted/didn't finish. She also beat Katherine Jenkins and Amy Childs, silver linings!

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