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Kit Guide

Out of Hibernation

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
So now the days are getting noticeably lighter, I've been getting my boats ready for the new sailing season. I don't mean to go into a sailing hibernation but I do find I just need a couple of months to recharge my batteries and I'm not a fan of cold weather or dark nights. Getting the flu for the first time in 15 years didn't help either, neither did losing 4kg in 2 weeks and finding my fitness had crashed. But it meant my Laser was in the garage for far longer than expected, so it was definitely nice and dry when I got to filling in last seasons scratches and bumps. There weren't many and I was then able to get going with a good cut back and polish and the hull now looks lovely and shiny. I know it doesn't make much difference but it makes me feel better about my boat. Next, I'll turn it back over and check the fittings and fill in the bit at the front of the centreboard case that always wears down with the dagger board. I'll check the spars too but I know they were fine at the end of last year so there shouldn't be much to do there. Then it will be time to sail, maybe next weekend, weather dependent. I've also been getting myself ready. Usually I keep my fitness through the winter as I can cycle to work but this year the flu meant I wasn't fit enough to do any exercise for nearly 4 weeks, so I've had to build up again. I'm back cycling to work again and running 2 or 3 times a week and I make sure I keep myself well stretched in. I won't get down to the Dinghy Show this year but I'll get my order of Rooster goodies in soon and get myself out there. Ian Baillie

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