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Kit Guide

Optimist Team Racing in Antibes & hot socks!

By 30th September 2020


Ten teams from South East France participated in the Optimist Team Racing Regatta hosted by SR-Antibes on 31 January/1 February. A total of 60 matches were sailed over the weekend. Callum was in the Antibes 3 team made up of the youngest sailors – it was his first team racing regatta. Despite not winning any of his matches on Saturday, he came home very happy, not only having enjoyed the team racing, but also from having warm and toasty feet all day long. With snow on the mountains behind Antibes, he has suffered from cold feet and hands at every training session in January, but Rooster definitely came to the rescue……….thanks to a pair of Rooster Polypro Socks worn under a pair of Rooster Hot Socks, and a pair of Hot Hand Glove Liners his suffering is over! Now we just need to make sure we keep track of all those socks and gloves in his Rooster kit bag. Back to the team racing, Iona’s team (Antibes 2) won two of their matches on Saturday, which was an improvement on last year when they didn’t win any matches on the first day (last year it was her team’s first team racing regatta). Sunday was even better for Iona’s team as they won all their matches after the fleet was split into gold and silver groups. Her team won the “silver” group. Her friends in the Antibes 1 team won the “gold” fleet, so the Antibes teams finished the weekend with smiles on their faces. Callum’s team gained a lot of experience in team racing, and whilst they didn’t win any matches on Sunday, they did come close, and equally important for Callum, his hands and feet stayed warm all weekend. Thank you Rooster! Iona and Callum Wyper

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