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Optimist Spring Championships - by Jenna Snedker

By Jenna Snedker 2nd October 2020

Optimist Spring Championships, 25th-26th March, 2017 - Royal Torbay Yacht Club.

On Saturday, it was a windy 15-20knots which would have been okay had it not been for the swell rising up to two metres. I was very nervous because of the waves and wind combined. It looked so gusty, but I still went out. I did a lot of bailing out and hiking hard upwind, which was very tiring. I also felt seasick the whole day and didn't eat much but managed some energy bars and a few crisps. My results were DNC,45th and 39th.

On Sunday, it was a bit windier still so I knew it was going to be another tough day on the water. I sailed out and raced again through the day but on the last race I felt very seasick. Despite that, I was determined to do the last race. My results were 48th, 52nd, 43rd. Overall, I finished 92nd out of 150 boats.

My top tips from the weekend were:

  • Keep the boat as dry as possible, bail up and downwind. A dry boat is a fast boat.
  • I found that it's easy to lose sight of the windward mark sailing upwind on large courses with a big swell. Don't sail too far on one tack or the other (unless you really know it's favoured). Keep to the middle of the course and you will be more likely to sight the mark, keep your bearings and focus on the shifts, also you will be less likely to over-stand the windward mark.
  • During a break between races, don't sit in your boat. Instead, sit on the side and try to keep active. Sailing around slowly will help you to feel less seasick and keep warm.

One of my food suggestions for sailing is malt loaf because it fuels you up and gives you slow release energy as well as hydrating with an SIS sports drink which helps avoid fatigue, dehydration and headaches during and after racing.

Also, have a look at the Optimist Annual 2017. There is a picture of me sailing at Datchet sporting the Team Rooster logos!

Finally, thank you for my Rooster Aquafleece® Neck Gaiter and my Polypro™ leggings, I kept really warm and dry throughout the event even with the testing conditions. My Mirofibre Regatta Towel is light and dries so quickly that I don't need to worry about drying with a wet towel the next day - very nice! And last but not least my Rooster Carry All 60l bag keeps everything safe and dry. All great products!

Video of the Optimist Spring Championships Youtube by Skyflicks Media

My next event is the Youth Pursuit Race at Hayling Island Sailing Club on the May Bank Holiday Monday.

Until next time...

Jenna Snedker GBR 6164

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