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Optimist Interligue Regatta Annecy, France 14-16th May 2016

By 2nd October 2020
Main Image: Callum racing in the benjamin fleet © Marc Muller photography 

From the 14th to the 16th of May we sailed an interleague regatta on Lake Annecy in the Alps. We started driving on Friday and stayed in Grenoble, finishing the journey on Saturday morning.

Annecy_blog_Rooster2 Setting out for Racing on day 2

The racing was fun, but challenging. The mountains that surrounded the lake caused the light wind to shift far and often without a predictable pattern. My objective for this regatta was to understand lake sailing, sadly I did not achieve that goal. My results were very random from 2nd to 48th out of 66 boats with a final place of 14th in the Benjamin (junior) fleet. Iona also had very mixed results.

Annecy is a lovely place to visit and I had fun with my cousins who came to see us. Iona took our cousin out sailing in her optimist after the racing had finished on the 2nd day. She borrowed some of our spare Rooster gear and really enjoyed it. Combining a visit to Annecy with sailing is a good idea, but it was a long way to travel to race in the regatta. (All the parents enjoyed visiting the town and surrounding area!)

Annecy_blog_Rooster1 Introducing my cousin to Rooster and optimist sailing

Iona left her Rooster bag in the car park at the end of the event and we only realised after we got home after 5-6 hours of driving, so mum had to call the club at Annecy to see if they could find the bag. Luckily for Iona, the bag was still in the car park, filled with all her Rooster gear. So we arranged for the club to send it back. Iona was very happy when her bag arrived and she had all her favourite Rooster gear back!

So happy to have Iona's rooster bag back! So happy to have Iona's rooster bag back!

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