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Optimist Coupe International d'Eté, Brittany

By 2nd October 2020
Iona_profile_photo This summer I went to the French Nationals which were held in the north of Brittany in a small town called Plerin. Just before this event I had done the French Minimes Championships in Southern Brittany (where I had finished 20th overall in the Minimes Girls fleet). I had my Rooster Thermalflex packed as it was perfect for the weather in Brittany. When I got there with my mum and my brother, we went straight to see our friends from our Club. They had already unpacked my boat for me but we still had to unpack my brother's boat. Once we were done we went to the campsite. It was small but nice. By that point it was late afternoon and so we went to do the shopping. The next day was a quiet day. We played around with friends and then we did the practice race but that didn’t go well so I stopped half way through. The next day was the first day of racing. In the races I did well at the beginning but it was very shifty and so lots of people passed me. I ended up in the 20s overall that day. The next day was the same but luckily I made it to the gold fleet because I was around 50 out of 125 in the overall results. Wednesday was the best, we did teamracing and we had so much fun before it started. We all went into one boat and had our picnic but that didn’t last very long as the boys took our other boats (the ones that we weren’t in). My team was called "Dream Team". We made it through the qualifiers and then we got knocked out and we finished around 10th out of the 32 teams.
Launching at Plerin Launching at Plerin
The next day I actually got better results than in the qualifying stage, even though I was now racing in the gold fleet. I did well that day so I went from 50th to 29th . I was really happy with that for I was one of the youngest of the Gold fleet. At the end of the week, I was 1st girl for my age and 3rd girl overall in the minimes girls. I was so happy because the first two girls were from the same region as France as me, so we celebrated together.
Minime Girl's Prizewinners Minime Girl's Prizewinners
Iona Wyper

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