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Northampton Feva Grand Prix

By 2nd October 2020

After a long winters' training it's finally spring! I don’t think my fingers would have survived the cold weather without my pair of Hot Hands underneath my normal sailing gloves. I have (well mum and dad actually) invested in a new Supertherm Longjohn which I find more flexible and warmer than my previous one. It’s really comfy and worth every penny.

I have been sailing in some different classes recently, the Feva mostly. Although I normally helm, I have teamed up with another helm, and close family friend, to help me understand how to sail with an asymmetric spinnaker - so I've been crewing in my Feva for a few events.

We attended the Northampton Feva Grand Prix, having never sailed together, it was part of Daniel Lewis’s job to help me understand the angles when sailing an asymmetric boat. Down wind is different to the Optimist! More fun, but the angles are different and it takes some getting used to.

The start line is the same - choose a spot, defend it, ensure you are at the right end and go up the beat the right way! Or that was our plan, but the wind decided to be very shifty and complicate matters, especially on Sunday! This led to some very interesting sailing.

During the first race we managed to hold first place pretty much all the way round the course. Unfortunately, on the last downwind leg, the boats behind got a small gust that allowed them to slowly catch up with us and eventually one over took us. But Daniel and I were still pleased as this was the first time we had sailed together and had managed to keep hold of 2nd place. Snow, hail, wind and sunshine followed - how many seasons in one day?!

Sunday dawned with lovely sunshine but not much wind. We ended up 7th overall (out of 54 boats) and I was really pleased with our results, I just need a bit more practice with the spinnaker and the Feva.

Lessons learned - even if you’re not at the front of the fleet, keep concentrating and get back up there, it does happen. From the 40's to 10th in one race was hard work but worth it.

Next events for me are Banbury open in the Optimist followed by the Inlands at Grafham, then the Feva Nationals at Weymouth.

Sunshine at last! Sunshine at last, but where has the wind gone?!
I'm looking forward to a good summers sailing with less sleet and snow! Kt

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