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Nope thats a Feva kite - Rs500s at Parkstone

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
I haven't really blogged in a long while, partly because I have been very busy with A levels, but there is much to report about sailing recently. After having a good Rs200 season,we decided to borrow an Rs500,which is a double-handed single trapeze dinghy for an Rs500 open event being held at our club. Upon the boats arrival we set about rigging this boat, but to our surprise when rigging up the spinnaker we realised that actually it was a Feva prototype spinnaker. The rs500 spinnaker is an awful lot bigger nearly 13 sq metres and it would have been very embarrassing rounding the windward mark and going for the hoist only to realise we had a tiny spinnaker. Luckily some fellow competitors were ready on hand to lend the correct spinnaker. With the boat sorted,we were ready to sail. The event went well,though only a small turnout still led to very tight racing. Day 1 saw very little wind in the boat park in the morning,but glorious sunshine,but right on time at the briefing the wind filled. Racing was in Poole bay which allowed for a quick blast to the harbour entrance to get to the race course. The first day was about becoming in tune with the boat. The boat was manageable and very fun downwind out on the wire. Up-wind we struggled to stay on the pace of the other boats due to there was a fine balance between making the boat go fast and slow. We found we had to foot off or point much lower angles than we were used to. Trapezing was fine because of the time I had spent training in the 420,which unfortunately didn't work out. The second day again was windier around f4/5, with another three races scheduled, we struggled with the same sort of problems on day one but the gybes became a little more scary due to the extra wind. I managed to helm a race on both of the days. I found this very rewarding but a bit daunting as the main sail is lot bigger than any dinghy I had sailed before. A boat like this is something I would love to buy in the future. asymmetric trapeze boats are simply awesome. With the Nationals next year,I believe to be at the same venue,chartering sounds like a great option.

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