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By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
Hi, my name is Ian Baillie and on my recent visit to the Dinghy Show Steve surprised me by asking if I could join the Rooster blog and write some nice things about the RS300 and how wonderful all the Rooster gear is. So currently I sail an RS300 and have done since I was converted in 2001. That took less than 5 minutes and I have found it wonderfully challenging and satisfying ever since. I have been to most of the Nationals since then and managed to win the 2004 event. I sailed Lasers before that, doing the UK circuit, Nationals and Europeans, which was a fair commitment as I lived in Aberdeen at the time. I also dabbled in 505s and had a Contender for a while. I’m now in Edinburgh and like Steve’s wife Sarah, I’m a chemistry teacher, so I’m glad to see Steve getting all his hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic terms right, and I’m going to use his bit about oxygen having all the best parties. Meanwhile, the RS300 Winters were last weekend and were won by Steve Bolland, who is currently the man to beat. I wasn’t able to go as I was coaching the local Laser squad, in a horizontal blizzard – who’d be a coach but I don’t tend to get sailing until about now, it’s just too cold for me here in Scotland and I don’t know how I managed it in my Laser, and pre-Rooster gear days. My next event is the RS300 Scottish at Prestwick, one of my favourite places to sail and was where the Nationals were last year. We finished with 20 knots and big waves then and the same again would be great. We are expecting a great turn out as Prestwick has a dozen home boats and the event is part of the UK circuit, so the north of England guys are expected and maybe a few from further south. It’s going to be a great season.

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