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Kit Guide

New Toppers

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020


Here at Sailing Solutions by Rooster® we are proud of our Toppers. Our special edition high end racing Toppers ( Sprint XLs) have won the vast majority of World, National and Inland Championships over the last 10 years. But it’s not just our special editions ........

Every Sailing Solutions Topper has things in common:

  • All Toppers are well made and being an injection moulding are light in weight.
  • Sailing Solution Toppers are chosen by us to be as good as the best available anywhere.
  • Every Topper has a hull from the same mould, the same design of 4.2 or 5.3 sqm sail and the same type of foils and spars.
  • Every Sailing Solutions Topper is given a thorough check, the controls are put on and the sail numbers can be applied to the sail if required so that it will be ready to sail immediately it is collected. All you need to do is enjoy it!
We are able to offer two Specifications on our Toppers:

Harken Topper.

This is the standard out of the box racing specification as supplied by Topper International. This comes with a carbon tiller extension. 6:1 downhaul and 3:1 kicker. We just make it easy for collections from the South Coast.

SPRINT XL Topper - The no stone unturned option.

The SPRINT XL is the ultimate racing Topper. In particular - this option includes the Sailing Solutions specification 6:1 triple block downhaul system, Harken Vang with either easy release fairlead or Spinlock (your choice), Harken Fully Rigged Boom, fitted with the XL Toestrap System, a Rooster® carbon extension, daggerboard pro grip in the centreboard case, specially finished foils and rudder stock adjustments. All prepared to Dave Cockerill's specification. The result is a lower more positive tiller, faster foils and a boat with controls that work.

We have specially selected boats in stock ready for collection.

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