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Kit Guide

New Streaker Wave Sail Testing

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Alan Gillard had the idea for the Wave sail a couple of years ago. His idea was to have a smaller sail area that not only offered the smaller sailors an alternative in strong winds, but to also enable separate class racing for the smallest of helms with their own handicap. Check out Helen who was really enjoying her racing at the weekend with 16 Knots in choppy waters off Hill Head. She later hoisted the halyard up the mast slightly to get even more performance. The sail is now class legal and can be purchased here. We had better go an put the wavy blue stripe on this one now so Helen can use it as a Streaker Wave sail. I was asked by some sailors - is that a Laser 4.7? They had obviously blinked and missed it - but its interesting that some traditional boats miss out on people learning the names of the boats - as they have very old fashioned logo's that don't include the boats name. Perhaps the class should add the word - Streaker Wave on the Blue Line - and Streaker on their normal sails - it might help marketing the boat - although sales of Streakers continues to build throughout the year and our headache is how we can build them to meet the seasons demand.
Lovely bit of twist in the head of the Streaker Wave sail

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