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Kit Guide

New RS300 Sail

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
I've used my new sail now a couple of times and as it is made from the new sail cloth I thought I would let you know my opinion of it. Firstly, it looks fantastic, suiting the RS300 so well and making it look even more cool than it did before. When I was putting my tell tails on before it's first outing I was looking for the window so I could put them in the same place as my old sail and was wondering why it didn't have one until I realised you could see through the whole sail. Once sailing you get a great view through the sail, which has to be good tactically. The sun gets through easily too, which is a bonus in Scotland, even in the much sunnier east. The cloth seems to be a bit harder than the old stuff and I felt that it was a bit less forgiving to over or under sheeting. It seemed to be a little bit more difficult to get into the groove and I seemed to fall out of it more easily than I would have thought. Downwind I think it is slightly quicker but I'm not sure, maybe I was just trying harder once I realised it needed a bit more attention to keep it going. It is better built, with the seams being stitched rather than only glued and the batten end patches are double the size. So it should last longer too. Overall, I'm happy with my new sail, which is now dried, carefully rolled up and stored in the loft until next year. And it cost much less than the old sails.

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