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Kit Guide

New and Old!

By Sargent 2nd October 2020
I love this photo! I am wearing the first bit of kit I ever bought from Steve, and my latest bit of Rooster Gear, a Neoprene Beanie. In Jan 2001 Clare (then new girlfriend, now wife (and crew) of 12 years) and I met up with Steve to buy pairs of the new Rooster boots. Steve also managed to persuade me to buy the drysuit from his old stock. It saw a lot of use when we used to race J24s all year round, but now only comes out for occasional coaching.
Manual Soundings! Manual Soundings!
So what was I doing? Taking "soundings" of the end of the Thorney Island slipway at Lowest Astronomical Tide in preparation for some building work. I had the drysuit marked at 2.5 cm intervals and the rope at 25cm. So we now know the bottom profile. I also discovered that with a drysuit of this age the water begins to penetrate straight through the breathable fabric at about 60-75cm of water pressure. Thank goodness for the Neoprene Beanie! At least my head was toasty warm! Matt Sargent

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