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My Weekend

By 2nd October 2020
Katie and Flame Staunton open last Saturday, rain and light winds… not my thing. The organisation and club were great, but probably the less said about my sailing the better. Flame was fast, unfortunately I wasn’t - I really hate light wind conditions. Sunday was fun I went up to Draycote with Dad. We spent the morning messing around sailing backwards, forwards, sideways upside down (nearly)…… dad got his kiting a bit wrong. I was crying with laughter, I decided to show him how it was done and borrowed his Laser for a race. Dad took my oppie in and ate most of my sweet supply. Sorry Luke, that should read he ate lots of my nutritionally balanced food supply! I did 2 dry capsizes, the wind had got up and it was the full rig not mum's Radial Rooster Replica. Needless to say my hot top and legs along with my long johns kept me toasty and warm. When I got back in I went straight back out on the water to do some oppie training. Hopefully I’ll see some of you at Hayling Island this weekend.  Katie B

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