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Kit Guide

My Top 5 Rooster Products - 4th

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
After my 5th placed favourite item, I hope you are all enjoying your mesh bags as much as I still am, its time for my 4th placed item. Remember, especially you new Mesh Bag users to post your product reviews online as these really help out the Rooster community. Back to business - My 4th placed item. I'll give you some clues: I wear these every time I sail. Come rain, sun or even 40 degrees. They take away the pain of hiking and at make getting dressed easier, they even make walking more comfortable too. You guessed it - its my super stretch wet socks - or as I use them - my super comfortable boot liners! When I leave these off because I forgot to pack them - I really feel it on my feet. I also notice how hard it is to pull my pro laced boots on despite the extra thickness - the nylon super stretch outside helps my foot glide into my Pro Laced Boots. The 2mm blind stitched sock is shaped to fit your foot -and leaves no excess fabric to give you a painful gather in your boot. With no seams on the bottom of your foot - or on the hiking face of the sock - this sock is ideal for walking or hiking. They are my comfortable reassuring boot liners. Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 19.09.14

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