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Kit Guide

My Favourite Rooster Kit for 2016

By James Dowrick 2nd October 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the third instalment of “My Favourite Rooster Kit” blogs. If you’re a regular reader of the Rooster Blog you’ll know that at the end of every season I write a “Top 5” blog. In 2014 I reviewed clothing, last year it was the turn of the Rooster chandlery section, so this year we are back to clothing. As ever narrowing it down to just 5 products is never easy. There have been lots of changes to the Rooster range over the past couple of years including new products, re-designs & refinements. So this one has been the hardest of them all.

Anyway lets get stuck in…

Starting off at number 5 we have the Rooster Pro Coastal Jacket & Trousers. Rooster aren’t terribly well known for making coastal kit, I can’t really understand why?! This combo is simply brilliant. It's lightweight, comfortable & warm. What's not to love? The breathable tri-laminate material is great at keeping the windchill away. The fleece lined high cut collar is great at keeping any spray from shivering down your spine. Three zipped pockets around the jacket and two on the trousers make storing away small essentials easy and safe. The two additional fleece lined hand warming pockets on the jacket are a great help in the winter. I wear these coaching all the time, far more comfortable than a drysuit. When it's not too windy or wet I wear the Pro Coastal Trousers with a Rooster Crew Jacket. When the wind and the rain come I chuck the Pro Coastal Jacket over the top. Super warm and super comfortable. A must have for any yacht sailors or coaches.

106166_2 rcrew_2014_rd-copy rpcjrd_front-as-copy

In at number 4 we have the brand new Rooster Pro Aquafleece Rigging Coat. This long bodied Aquafleece is the perfect partner in and around the dinghy park on a wet & windy day. It’s made from the world famous Rooster Aquafleece material. Featuring a fleecy inside lining, taped seams to stop water ingress and water resistant PU coating on the outside. This coat is absolutely awesome at keeping you warm and dry. It has a double wrist cuff which can be sealed by the velcro strap and three zipped pockets, which are also fleece lined. It's topped with a high cut collar and hood to keep the rain out. Its always at the very top of my kit bag as you never know when you might need it. Available in some very attractive colours too. A great product for any dinghy sailor or even dinghy parents who end up rigging boats or walking the dog whilst waiting for sailing to finish. rpafc_blog-headOn to number 3 we have the Race Armour Lite Shorts - a hiking sailors dream. Gone are the days when if you came off the water at lunchtime and you were feeling cold and wanted to change into something a bit warmer you had to take all your kit off, change your hike pads and put everything back on again on a wet changing room floor. Now it's simple, put your hike pads inside a pair of Race Armour Lite Shorts and put on whatever you want underneath. Easy as 1,2,3. In the Spring & Autumn, I wear them over the top of a SuperTherm LongJohn. In the Summer over the top of a ThermaFlex LongJohn and in the depths of winter over a SuperTherm Chest Zip Steamer. The incredibly grippy velcro along with the silicone band around the leg means the shorts and hike pads do not move an inch when sailing. They are comfortable to wear and have a very hard wear resistant bum panel. It is such a versatile product - I wear them every time I go sailing and you should too. race-armour-lite-shorts ras_front-copy rhp_mk2-copy

In at a very close number 2 is the new’ish Pro Lite Aquafleece. This is the ideal top to go over your sailing kit during the warmer months. Though this Autumn I’ve been wearing it over the top of the new Rooster SuperTherm Chest Zip Steamer and I’ve been lovely and toasty. The Rooster Aquafleece material is a stretchy PU coated fleece which is just amazing at taking away that nasty wind chill, you don’t realise the benefits until you wear one. This product takes features from both the Classic Aquafleece and the Pro Aquafleece. It has the same light weight fleece and the over lock construction as the Classic meaning you can throw it in the washing machine on a very cold wash and hang it up to dry. It then takes the adjustability from the Pro. It has a neoprene waist band and wrist seal which means you can tighten it up to stop cold water flushing up your back and arms. If you don’t want to buy two Aquafleece’s for the separate seasons, then I suggest you go for the Pro Lite Aquafleece which can really be worn all year. It's a must have top for any conditions. Again it's available in a variety of cool colours with the Signal Blue being my personal favourite. What's yours? Comment below. rplafbe_ps-copy

Topping the table for this year is the SuperTherm LongJohn. This product is something out of the very top drawer. Its made from a 4mm / 4-way Super Stretch neoprene with a thermal plush fleece lining on the inside, which is both warm and comfortable. The quality of the neoprene is just superb. It's undergone many improvements over that last few years. It now features a hard wearing one piece bum panel so no danger of having a horrible cold hole on your backside. It also has some very clever anti flush strips on the inside of the ankles to help prevent cold water flushing. It also has the ability to be trimmed at the ankles if it's a little long for you. I wear this product pretty much all year around. In the Spring and Autumn I wear it with a ThermaFlex Top and add a PolyPro top underneath. On the cooler Summer days I wear it with just a PplyPro top. On mild winter days, before the Steamer comes out, I will wear it with a PolyPro Top, a SuperTherm Top and a Pro Aquafleece. It's a really versatile suit and I see lots of people enjoying it just like me.

106251 106251_1

106251_2 106251_3

So there we have it folks, my "Top 5 Rooster Clothing products for 2016". It's a lot to get your head around but hopefully I’ve given you an insight in to what I wear and the reasons behind it. Next year I plan to do a "Top 10 Rooster Products of all Time" so that should be fun to write and certainly an interesting read.

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your sailing for 2016.

Good Sailing,

James Dowrick

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