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Kit Guide

My favourite Rooster kit for 2014

By James Dowrick 30th September 2020
Hi All, As we are approaching the end of the season, I thought I would do a blog post of what my favourite/most used Rooster products have been this year. I've been impressed with all of the products that I've used this year, so narrowing it down to just 5 was always going to be a challenge, but I think I've managed it. So here are my top Rooster products for 2014: In at number 5 is the trusty Pro Laced Boots. Sailing the Laser is predominately about hiking. These boots are fantastic for this. They provide such good support for the whole of your foot, but mostly the ankle. By using some resistant strips of rubber this enforces the boot at what would usually be the weakest point. The boot is also very warm, using 5mm neoprene your feet remain lovely and toasty without the need for any Hot socks, PolyPro socks or Wet Socks. Also they are really adaptable with the elastic lace up meaning you can wear any of the Rooster socks that I mentioned above on the really cold days. Pro Laced Boot
Number 4 is the world famous,Pro Aquafleece. In my view this is the best product Rooster have ever made (so far), although it isn't my favourite. If that makes any sense, haha. The Pro Aquafleece keeps you so warm but can be worn all year round. In the depths of winter it is amazing over a PolyPro Top/SuperTherm Top combo. Yet still just as amazing in the height of summer on its own with a ThermaFlex LongJohn or any of the Rooster Summer top layers. I also know that is is worn and enjoyed by thousands all over the world. Well Done Rooster. Rooster Pro Aquafleece Rooster Pro Aquafleece Onto number 3, I have chosen the ThermaFlex Top. The technology that has been put into the design of this top layer is truly outstanding. It can be a cold Spring Sunday and paired with a PolyPro Top you feel really warm but also it feels like you having nothing on, its amazing. Yet it can also be worn on the hottest of Summer days with either a ThermaFlex LongJohn, RaceArmour Shorts or anything else you like to wear. A great top for all year round. RTFT_v2 copy It's such a close call in my top 2 products but I have decided to go with the SuperTherm LongJohn at number 2. These long johns are fantastic, they are so warm but yet it feels like you're wearing thin lycra garments. The 4mm/4 way SuperStrech neoprene is great and combined with the inner plush fleece you can be on the water all day long and you will be just as warm when you get off the water as you were when you went afloat in the morning. With the shoulder entry system, getting in and out of the garment is as easy as 1,2,3. RSLJ copy So in at number 1 and my favourite bit of Rooster kit for 2014 is the RaceArmour LITE Shorts. The RaceAmour was a new hiking concept that Rooster Sailing introduced in March 2014 at the RYA Dinghy Show. I managed to get my hands on a pair then, it was like love at first sight. As soon as Steve explained the concept to me, I thought to myself that I had been needing something like this for years. Gone are the days when if you came off the water at lunchtime and you were feeling cold and wanted to change into something a bit warmer you had to take all your kit off, change your hike pads and put everything back on again on a wet changing room floor. Now its simple, put your hike pads in the RaceArmour LITE Shorts and just put on whatever you want underneath without needing to worry about your hike pads. In the Spring, Autumn & Winter I wear them over the top of the SuperTherm LongJohns. In the Summer I tend to wear them over the top of the ThermaFlex LongJohns or over a pair of Hot Legs. They are such a versatile product and I wear them every time I go sailing. RAS_FRONT copyRAS_REAR copy So there we have it everyone, my top 5 Rooster products for this year. Hopefully they will bring out some new products next year that might make it into my top 5. We will just have to wait and see. Hope you all have a good end to your season, Thanks for reading. Good Sailing, James Dowrick (Team Rooster)

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