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My Big Summer Marathon

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
My big summer marathon started in lovely Loctudy in Brittany with the Topper Worlds. The qualifying did not get off to a great start with gear failure in two races on day two and the fact that I seemed to remain in the hardest flight every day up to the championships. The sailing area was also not great as the tides on the course severely limited any tactical gains to to be made during the racing. This meant that the sailors who were first out the blocks generally went on to win the races. By the time we got out of qualifying Liam Glyn already had a 12 point lead and he went on to win the event. I ended up in 6th which was good but not what I had come for. To make it worse for me my brother won the 4.2s so was now a World Champion. He also made sure I understood this on our dash to Weymouth for the next event. Week two saw the start of the RS Tera Worlds. the fleet was smaller but much more international with the strongest team after the UK coming from South Africa. The practice race was canned due to high winds but I went out anyway and trained with Sam Lombard from RSA. This was a good move as I snapped my mast, it was probably ready to go. When the racing began I got off to a good start with two bullets only to lose one later that day to a interesting protest. The rest of the week went well and the sailor who protested me went home early. By the final day I was nine points up and won the event with one race to go. So that was good I was now a World Champion but with no time to stop and think about it. I had one day to rest and fix a leak in my Topper before the Topper nationals started. Week Three Time to go sailing. I am feeling a bit tired now but ready to go. 260 UK and ROI Topper sailors have turned up AT Weymouth for the Nationals. Qualifying got of to a bad start with an OCS in the first and only race of day one. Day two was not great I had some low scores but not low enough. Day 3 was better and it got me into Gold fleet for the championship races in 30th place with lots of work left to do. Over the next two days of the championship I got 1,1,2,3,26. This was better and moved me up-to second. But a lousy last day culminating in another OCS left me finishing in third overall and second Brit. So I get two days rest now yippee! Then I am off to Hayling for the 29er Nationals.

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