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Moving up………from the Optimist Junior fleet to Senior fleet in France

By 2nd October 2020

Since September, I have moved into a harder fleet in optimists, it is called the “Minimes” fleet. This is the French name for the senior fleet. I used to be in the Benjamin fleet. The Benjamin fleet is the junior fleet, but in France you move to the “Minimes” fleet one year sooner than you move to the Senior fleet in the UK.

It has been a hard change but I still like sailing. I really enjoyed the “Benjamin” fleet, but I felt ready to move on. My sister is already in the Minimes fleet, she has just started her 3rd year in this fleet. I actually like the Minimes more than Benjamins. My first regatta in the Minimes fleet went well and I finished in the top half of the fleet. There are more Minimes than Benmjamins at regattas, so at the big regattas like the inter-leagues the Minimes have to be split into groups for racing, like at National level regattas.

My first inter-league in the Minimes fleet was at Cap d'Agde, but we didn't have much wind during that regatta. We will sail the CIP there in April, it is the event used to select teams for 2017. Usually there are teams from other countries at the CIP, and of course all the French sailors too.

I really enjoy sailing with the Minimes and I hope it stays that way.

Cap d'Agde Inter-league. My new number 2482 My new number 2482
Setting off : Inter-league Cap d'Agde Inter-league Cap d'Agde.
Fun on the beach after sailing Fun on the beach after sailing.
On the beach after sailing On the beach after sailing.
Testing out my model boat (built with Daddy's help) Testing out my model boat (built with Daddy's help).
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