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Moving on up!

By 30th September 2020
Hi everyone, just a quick update on me and my sailing. Last time I stuck a blog on the rooster wall was when I was just finishing my season off in my topper after completing Nationwide 4 at Rutland Water Sailing club, where I was trying to get the best result as I could to gain a place in the National Youth Squad. Well you would be pleased to know that I got the exciting news that I had been selected for the place in the squad, however as there was not enough sailors in the youth squad they decided to mix the Junior Development Squad and Youth Squad together to create a new and improved squad called... drum roll please............ ITCA NATIONAL RACING SQUAD! Bit of a mouth full but I was very excited and eager to get started and to improve my sailing with the help of 4 amazing coaches which are my head coach Ste Wilson along with Adam Cockerill, Tim Hulse and Sally Dugdale. I have now completed 4 squad training weekends, which I have enjoyed greatly and learnt lots and lots of new things and improved my sailing. We have also been having little counter races within the squad where I have been getting in the top 3 with some of them and even getting a 1st. I have also been put through my paces with our fitness exercises, as we have done a lot of running along with our mobility stretches and every been put through the bleep test, which has truly made a difference to my stamina in my sailing so I can keep hiking for longer! Regards to moving on up, which is the title to this blog I am in the middle of looking for my next boat to move into, as I am now looking at laser radials, which I would like to start training in for the year of my first radial sailing and sailing the different laser events and qualifiers, as I am saving up my penny's! My kit is still as warm as ever, as over the winter I have been faced with some extreme weather sailing in my squads and at my home club Hunts Sailing Club. I have been wearing My Rooster Poly-Pro bundle, Thermaflex, Shin-tech Long Johns, Aqua Fleece, Rooster hiking boots, winter pro gloves and the all important Rooster Bouyancy aid! And I can say now that I will need to soon buy some more kit because it is all getting a bit too small for me (which is another reason for getting a Laser Radial as I am growing and growing). Along with all of that I have been having a very fun winters sailing and training and can't wait for this seasons sailing to get started. I have even put some pictures of me sailing and me in the extreme conditions that I was talking about earlier (SNOW!). Thanks for reading, and happy sailing! Tom

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