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More Yachting!

By 2nd October 2020
image Great sun on the way back from a days racing!
Here's myself standing up trimming the spinnaker. Here's myself standing up trimming the spinnaker.
As I said in my last blog I was just starting my training on a First 40 yacht for the University Yachting Nationals, under the name of team Solent university. My role on the boat is trimmer number 2, the main job in my role is trimming the spinnaker downwind by communicating to the other trimmers what needs changing to make the boat go as fast as possible! I have just completed my second weekend training in the Solent and I have learnt a huge amount in yacht racing. Before getting onto the yachting team I had just had experience in dinghy racing and occasionally yacht sailing so I needed to learn a lot. Throughout the two weekends we have been racing as a team of 8 in the SunSail yachting series, the first weekend we were focusing on the team roles and our routines for our sailing. A big point that I picked up on was making sure I knew what position I needed to be in and when, so I was the most effective and quick. Downwind I would be standing on the side of the boat with the spinnaker sheet in my hand controlling the angle of the sail. Whereas upwind I would be sitting on the side getting as much of my body weight I could out the side of the boat then in the tacks I would be running into the cockpit and pulling on the new jib sheet to be winched on by the other trimmer. Last weekend we were making great progress with the team and our results showed that as we got a second overall against some other universities that will be in the competition. Also the team that came first were 12 grown men who were very quick compared to our crew of 8. After the weekend we were all really happy and are confident coming into the Nationals in two weeks, for now it's just keeping fit and preparing myself for the last weekend of training to improve and practice as much as I can! I will soon be updating even more and giving results of the Nationals! Thanks for reading, Tom Charter.

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