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Mexico Training Camp

By 30th September 2020
I have just returned home from a fantastic 2 weeks of training in Mexico. My training partners for the camp were Fatima Reyes (ESP), Nathalie Brugger (SUI), Francesca Clapcich (ITA) and Tania Calles from Mexico who organised the whole training camp!

Our trip began with a 4.30am wakeup to catch our flight from Miami to Mexico. Tania had made good use of her sponsor Aeromexico to get us all free flights AND extra luggage allowance! When we arrived in Puerto Vallarta airport we were greeted by Tania who showed us to our transport for the 2 weeks, a brand new (and completely free) hire car from Thrifty another of Tania's sponsors. The car was covered in all her sponsors logos and branded with "Tania".

We were sailing out of La Cruz in Riviera Nayarit and making use of the International Sailing Academy (ISA) charter boats. The ISA is owned and run by two Canadian Laser sailors, Vaughn Harrison and Chris Dold. They offer boat charter, accommodation, food and coaching. Click here to check out the ISA.

Running the training for our group was Damien Desprat (Nathalie's coach) and Larissa Nevierov (Francesca's coach). I found it a nice change to train with a different group of sailors from normal, new ideas and exercises kept the training interesting and fun. It was good to get to know all the girls better and with everyone of us capable of finishing in the top 10 in the world, it made it challenging too. I also learnt lots of new words in lots of different languages! We very quickly got into a routine for the training. At 8am we would wake up, I would have my Special K with chocolate bits (I picked out all the chocolate bits so by the time it came to the end of the packet it was just regular Special K again). At 8.45am we would pile into the "Tania" wagon and head for the gym. After gym training we would all congregate in the cafe downstairs where I would attempt to order my coffee in Spanglish. Then we would debrief the previous days Spanglish! After the debrief we would sit down to a large plate of pasta for lunch. Once our pasta had gone down we would wander along the sandy beach to the marina and rig our boats ready to go sailing. With the weather being so good for sailing in Mexico we were able to clock up a lot of time on the water, much more than I would have been able to do if I had been training in the UK! Riviera Nayarit is really good for surfing and I managed to do a bit whilst I was there. I also managed to injure myself sufficiently, that I had to take a day off sailing because I had hit my head fairly hard on my board whilst being "washing machine spun" by a wave. I had a big bruise on my forehead and a scratch across my cheek which everyone, once they realised that I was going to be fine, thought was quite hilarious! The following day, Tania invited us all to breakfast at a fancy hotel where she was meeting with some potential sponsors, a film crew and some sports press. We all got interviewed and had photos taken. The interviewer started off with the question "Are you married?" and when I was having my photo taken asked me to pose with my hand on my hip like I was a celebrity. I thought nothing of it until we were all discussing it afterwards and discovered that the so called sports magazine was more like a gossip magazine, the equivalent of OK for sports. I did a pretty good job with my makeup to cover my surfing wounds...I hope! Some other highlights of my trip included the tortilla chips and guacamole served in every restaurant, the abundance of wildlife (which included pelicans, geckos, sharks, manta rays, iguanas and whales) and Tania teaching us how to climb a palm tree! This was one of the best, if not the best training camps I have done, so my thanks go out to Tania for organising everything and getting us so much for free and to all the girls and their coaches for making it all so worth while and extremely good fun! On our last day of training we decided to test out a few different techniques, here is a short video…ENJOY! ;)httpv://

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