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Merlin Salcombe Week Day 2

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
We had an early morning start on day 2 of Merlin Salcombe Week, well 10:30 is early, depending how much partying you did the night before. With no general recalls the fleet was off in a fit-fall 5ish knots and a building neap flood. Si Blake and Alex Jackson, slipped past Toby and I to lead from beginning to end. And although Boris and Lisa Scott made a strong push for 3rd coming out of the bag on the way up the top 3 didn’t change. On a personal note, having recently blogged on how we tacked we’re rapidly coming to the conclusion that these need to improve! As for the second race, well that was completely different. One of the joys of Salcombe is watching the other flights racing either from the club vantage point, a motor dinghy or one of the water side bars, The Ferry Inn seemingly providing one of the best vantage points. So as it was, the morning flight was quite relieved to be uninvolved in the afternoon race as it went Salcombe at least 3 times! Dan Alsop and Jenny King led majestically to the first mark and must have thought they were on for good ‘un. With the likes of Whitworth and Sally with Adams and Gould fighting it out in the thirties, were we to see some real upsets. Well sort off. The leg to mark 4 turned from a run to a beat, and the first boat out into the bag was Richard Whitworth and Sally Townsend with Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis second. Anyway, we took tea on Silver Surfer (the Scoggies boat) and adjourned to the Ferry Inn for beer to watch the finish. Richard and Sally had a huge lead, how Matt and Ben maintained their second when all around them faltered will be a story told elsewhere, with third place falling to Andy Harris (crew not in list – sommin not quite right there!) in Mille, these guys will also have there tale to tell! Gag of the day disrupting Phils Scotts rambling enough for therest of us to get a word in edgeways. 

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