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Life after Optimists

By 30th September 2020
On Sunday a couple of weeks ago I got a chance to try a new boat with my friend George. He had just got the boat and needed crew so he wanted to know if I would crew with him. The boat I have moved into is a Mirror. At first George and I got the hang of the controls, but on one of the reaches the spinnaker halyard got stuck so we tried pulling it and it came free. We both had a go at sailing the boat to see whether I should be the helm or George. I’d like to be the crew because I get to fly the spinnaker and control the jib. I would learn a lot more because of all the ropes and wires. It was a light day so it was a good day for it. Even though the boat is completely different to an Optimist I had a good Idea what to do. The reason I’m not helming is because I’m going to get a topper to keep my helming skills, so really I’m getting the best out of sailing. The topper is a well-known boat in Ireland and is sailed all over the country The reason were going in to a Mirror is because the Mirror worlds are on in Ireland at the end of July and we’re really excited. They will be held in Lough Derg. We both have some experience in Lough Derg Last weekend was the Skerries regatta. It was a one day event and wind forecasts were looking high so it would be fun. We were sailing in the mixed fleet. On one of the up winds George went to hike out and he completely missed the toe straps, suddenly he fell out of the boat in 20 knot winds and the boat tried to nose dive on me. Luckily I was alert and the boat did not capsize and also George managed to hold on to the tiller extension, he got in and we sailed away getting on with the race. There were three races that day. Once we got back ashore we saw the results and a big surprise was upon us we had won the mixed fleet event. We were delighted. We then collected our prize and went home.

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