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Kit Guide

Laser Toe Strap Adjustment ... and the new rules.

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
New Rule Change 01 January 2018.

Rule 17(c) modified to allow for the addition of one cleat and one turning point in the hiking strap support line that are not attached to the hull or hiking strap.

We are investigating this new rule at Rooster and seeing how we can adapt the rule to give you a more effective adjustment. Traditionally we would pull on our hike strap for light winds or off wind sailing, then release our strap for upwind hiking in breeze.

Laser Toestrap Rule Change I have been asking around the boat park and so far the solutions have been "no better than the old rope system". So we are going to get our heads together to see if we can come up with a creative approach to this new puzzle. We will also send our findings to the international measurer to see if our interpretation is class legal. So watch this space...

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