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Laser opens

By 2nd October 2020
It’s been far too long since my last post! A lot has been happening and I have had very little time to stop and take it all in. The last 5 weeks I have been traveling to the south coast open events, the first of which was at Bosham. As my first open event I wasn't really sure where I should be finishing, but after a great day sailing in 16-18 knots I was happy with 4th, but hoping to improve for the next weekend. Next was lancing. The day started off with almost too little wind to sail and with a 6th on the first race I was looking to gain some places in the second two races. With the wind picking up slightly for the second race I finished in 3rd, and with slightly more wind again for the final race, I took my first race win in the laser, finishing 2nd overall. Emsworth was the next open event and was almost a repeat of the previous weekend. The first two races I did well in, but due to some silly mistakes I came 2nd in the first and 3rd in the second, with a bullet in the third race. I finished the event in 2nd overall. After Emsworth it was Arun. With a constant 20knot breeze and big swell the conditions were awesome and I was aiming for the win. The first race went well, I finished in 2nd - close behind Daniel Wigmore in 1st - but knew I could win the next race. After a good start I lead the race despite a broken ratchet block (doesn't make things easy when it’s blowing 25 knots), however after a bad gybe at the final leeward mark Daniel managed to creep ahead and take the win, meaning, once again, I finished in 2nd. It was a painful loss, but huge motivation to keep on trying. Finally last weekend was the open at Mudeford and after three consecutive 2nd's I was keen to win my first event, and that's what I set out to do. The first race went well and I took the win - very pleasing as I often find I struggle to do well on the first race of and event - however after finishing 3rd on the second race I still had to work hard. The final two races after lunch went well, two more 1st's and I had finally won my first laser event. I know it is just an open, but it is still a good feeling to know that all the time and effort I put into my sailing is starting to pay off! Next weekend is the open at Felpham and my last event before leaving for the nationals in just a weeks’ time, it’s scary how quickly it has come up, but I’m feeling prepared and looking forward to it, so I can’t wait. David Saunders - Laser 201175

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