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Kit Guide

Laser Masters Felpham

By Stuart Hudson 2nd October 2020
Some great sailing at the Laser Masters event at Felpham this weekend. Tried the new Mk2 Laser Sail for the first time. Personally I found it harder to sail with in the light winds on Saturday - although other people were going well!) It could have been that I had too much kicker on at times -I found the luff harder to read for some reason. In the force 4 on Sunday the boat and sail felt great, although I threw some good positions away - missing the upwind gate whilst leading in the first race of the day and following the leader to the wrong gybe mark whilst 2nd in the last race - very poor skills! IMG_1921 The main difference in the sail for me are that there seems a lot of fullness forward which means the sail looks nicer and has less "speed" creases (none) from the join to the clew compared to the 3.8 sails, and therefore less need to use downhaul unless windy. Overall in terms of performance the old and new sails are very similar, but it will take a bit of getting used to the new style once you switch. I now have a dilemma which to use at Hayling in 2 weeks time......

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