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Laser 4.7 Ladder event – Rutland

By Matt Beck 2nd October 2020

The Laser 4.7 fleet travelled to Rutland over the weekend of 8th & 9th of May for the latest Ladder event, which was run in parallel with the RYA Eric Twiname championships. The event coincided with one of the warmest weekends so far this year, so it was a great opportunity to breakout my warmer weather Rooster kit.

The forecast for Saturday was for light to medium winds from the south east with the Laser 4.7’s and Toppers from the ET championships sharing a course at the eastern end of the lake. The conditions were very challenging with changes in pressure and wind direction affecting the race course, so being consistent was the key for the day. I was pleased to score 2, 2 and 10, leaving me in 3rd place overall going into the second day.

Laser Rutland2

On Sunday morning when we launched the conditions were again fairly light and patchy, which meant that pressure was going to be key at the start of the first race. At the bottom of the first run I was in the top five boats but when I rounded the bottom mark and tried to apply more outhaul, the deck plate holding the outhaul cleat snapped off completely. I managed to tie a temporary knot in the outhaul and found good pressure and lift on the right-hand side of the second beat. Rather amazingly, going round the final windward mark I’d managed to work my way up to 1st place and was able to hold on to the finish – definitely a moment to remember in terms of pressure situations!

Before the start of the second race I was able to make a temporary repair by switching the outhaul line to the downhaul cleat and tying off the downhaul at a fixed setting. The wind increased during races two and three to the point where we were hiking most of the time, but fortunately the temporary fix held and I was really pleased to sail consistently with scores of 3 and 2. With the discard applying after four races by counting results for the event were 2, 2, 1, 3, 2 which was good enough to win overall.

So overall a great weekend……and let’s hope for more warm weather sailing opportunities over the coming weeks.


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