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Lake Garda

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Two years ago I went to the Lake Garda Easter Optimist competition where the sun was shining and there was 20knts of wind everyday. This strong wind, which "swiches on" at about 10 o'clock every morning, is called the ora, the ora is created but the sun shining on the surrounding alps. I really wanted to return to Italy in my last Oppy year so we went again; with over 1000 other Optimist sailors! All hoping for 20kts of breeze and hot sun, however it was overcast and rainy which meant that the sun could not shine on the mountains so there was no 20kt wind, only 5-10kts. The wind was very inconsistant, with the race officers having to move the course around a lot! However the ora did come in on the last day for the final race! We all had a great time at this great event that I would recomend every Optimist sailor to try at some time. Now back home to put on my new Rooster Trapeze harness (dad said the only improvement would be some instructions on setting it up), and start sailing my next boat.

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