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Kit Guide

Korma or Vindaloo?

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
How do you appreciate the qualities of the RS300 all over again? Sail something else and notice the contrasts. I sailed a Laser in our club mini-series last week and enjoyed the experience greatly. I still love sailing the Laser, I spent so much time sailing them (long time ago) that it still only takes seconds switch back into "Laser mode". So what are the differences? The Laser now seems ultra stable, you really have to move your body and sail what seems like a long way to get it turning, compared with just a dip of the shoulders or a tweek of the sheet to get the 300 powering into a turn. It's a bit like comparing a Korma with a Vindaloo. Both can be superb but the vindaloo will assault your senses and like the 300, can leave you breathless and sweating and if you're not used to it, wondering what just hit you.

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