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Katie Update Opi and Tera

By 2nd October 2020
Tera Sailing Weymouth Tera Sailing Weymouth
DWSC Waiting for the Wind! DWSC Waiting for the Wind!
Well what a season so far, Optimist Nationals followed by the Tera Nationals then the Optimist Late Season Event, with open events in the middle. I ended up being x-rayed 2 days before the Tera Nationals to ensure an injury sustained at the Optimist Nationals was nothing serious. I worried… No sailing AAArrrrggghhh. X-ray was clear just bad bruising, I was sooo happy. Weymouth was a great venue, the Tera fleet were friendly and fun on and off the water. The winds were light, I struggled with it, and it was a great event I managed to get a couple of good starts during the weekend and finished 2 races in 8th position. I balanced this up really well with some bad finishes on the very light wind races. Last weekend was the Optimist Late Summer event held at Draycote Water Sailing Club - this was great as it is my home club. I really enjoyed the whole event and welcoming friends from all over the country. The club did really well. It was pretty shifty…some of the sea sailors struggled with it. I decided to go middle left then at the last moment changed my mind. Lesson learned stick to the plan, right on the beat was a really bad idea, I won’t do that again. I had to have a good chat with Luke my Zone coach and support team. I managed to get back into the swing of things for the 2nd day and got better results. Unfortunately at the time I am writing this, due to a timing issue the last race seems to have been thrown out on protest. Bit of a shame, but it has got to be fair for all sailors. I will be unhappy if they reinstate it with average points for the 2nd start as this will give some sailors an unfair advantage as quite a lot struggled in the last race and it would be disappointing. I think that races and squad places should be fought for and won on the water not in protest committees. I am unsure if the last race should have finished or not but the Race Team did a really good job considering the wind conditions. Thank you for being there and running the races for us. Mum challenged me to get into the top 100. 97th Did it. Best finishes were a 27 and 36 which although not 1st or 2nd, it is pleasing as my results are improving at each event. I am worried what mum will challenge me with for the EOS in Weymouth! But no challenge! No fun!!! My Rooster Kit as usual great no problems, although I think I should speak to Steve and team, my Volvo sun visor is now getting threadbare and the season is changing, warmer headgear is definitely something I should be thinking about. Also adding to my thermal layers will be important. Off to Barnt Green this Saturday, BARTS BASH this Sunday, I encourage everybody to support this event as it is my favourite charity and fun to take part!!! EOS for both Optimist and Tera in a few weeks see you there. I am sure you have probably got the hang of this by now, but I still think my Rooster sailing kit is the best!!! Bye for now Katie in Tera 2259 (Siren) and Optimist 6370 (Flame)

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