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Jaw Dropping Show - RYA Dinghy Show 2015.

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
For those of you who have never visited the RYA's Dinghy Show, can I please tell a quick story to show you just how amazing the show really is. This year the 4000 class fleet have had their first year with Rooster as their licence holder and supplier. The class are feeling rejuvenated, so much so that they felt it was important to invite the classes Euro Cup Champions from Italy. Anna and husband Andrea were warned that this show was big. Perhaps they had seen the Dusseldorf boatshow in Germany before. Some would call that show the biggest in the marine industry with its main hall for dinghies boasts perhaps 12 classes. My impression was that the atmosphere was more like flat coke. When Anna stepped into the RYA's Dinghy Show - her jaw dropped. "I have never seen a show for dinghies like this before" she said. From the 4000 Class's point of view, the trip showed her how passionate the British are about our dinghy sailing and also helped put into perspective how important it was for the class to go through some modernisation so it could compete with the best in the UK dinghy market. The main ingredient for the success of the RYA dinghy show is the enthusiasts that have taken time from work, driven for miles and manned their boat to recruit new people to their class. Classes that do not take this show seriously, quickly fall from favour. Well organised classes like the Solo and Streaker are cashing in on the lack of grass roots class commitment from those such as the Laser Class; once again they have double booked the dinghy show with a qualifier event. You would have thought that joined up thinking would preclude RYA pathway classes from not attending the show. I am sure that RS with their Aero and Devotti with the D zero, were rubbing their hands with glee, now they each have a boat to challenge the stranglehold of the medium weight single hander. From the perspective of the Marine Clothing Industry, we have one main objective - to help everyone enjoy the sport that we love. I personally would like to thank every customer who came to chat to our Team at the show. Every year my accountant, tells me that we are so lucky to have such lovely customers. She absolutely loves working at the show. It was also great to see how our Team Rooster sailors grew in confidence as they worked parts of the show for us. A huge thank you to them all.

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