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It's Official - the Windiest Year for Two Decades

By Ian Baillie 2nd October 2020
Well I think we had worked that one out and it seems to concentrate on weekends! It's probably going to end up the wettest July for a few years too and August doesn't look much better. It has meant I am getting great use out of my Rooster ThermaFlex Top, it really is perfect for cold, wet, windy Scottish summer days. Sunday was our Round the Pole race, where we race to a channel marker in the next bay, which happens to be a big pole, then back. It's not far, about 3 miles in total and is a nice difference from the usual races. It wasn't as windy as usual, maybe only 15 to 20 knots and gave us a run down to the pole and a long beat back. I was a bit surprised to be ahead of the RS200 after the run but because of tide and rocks, he was struggling to find a good angle, whereas I just kept trying to catch waves and could zig-zag fairly easily. The beat back was wind against tide and got fairly choppy in the main channel of the Forth. I had taken my gps with me, attached where my compass usually goes and I found that my speed over the ground was almost a knot quicker in the tide, even though through the water it felt and probably was slower. I used to use the gps quite regularly when practising in the RS300 but maybe I should take it out in the Laser more often. I took 32 minutes to complete the course, which I thought was pretty good for a Laser, we did have a Moth do it in 14 minutes a few years back in much less wind too. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the Laser Scottish at Chanonry Sailing Club due to family commitments but as per usual for this year the Saturday was blown off and unusually the Sunday was one of the few calm days. Calum Tait won the Standard rig, which I know will please him greatly, well done Calum and Alexander Orr won the Radials.

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