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It doesn't always go to plan

By Ryan Wilkinson 30th September 2020

Hamish and I went to Parkstone on Sunday (14 September), for the last cadet racing event prior to the two qualifying weekends. These weekends will be Grafham (20/21) and Dabchicks (27/28) and are the qualifying events for the cold winter months training, between December and April 2015.

We felt good after our boat Hydrosphere went so well in the proms at WPNSA, BUT as the title suggests, despite a top start in race one (wish dad has his camera to capture us leading the fleet in our rooster race bibs - all looked great then), after a port hand flyer, it was clear that our set up must have been wrong, as we lacked any boat speed. I think this was as we used our other sails. I wanted to keep my racing set for the qualifiers, although a painful experience and may never use those again, even in training. A good lesson for me (another one), to use one make of sails once you are really happy them and stick to them; it doesn't matter that another set looks new and is all crispy!

We ended up 14th out of 24 in the end and found the journey home a lot longer than the journey down with my dad; all good experience I keep hearing.

Any tips for these events, especially Dabchicks, as not been before would be appreciated.

Looking forward to the arrival of my Rooster pro laced boots - fab idea to have the lace - as well as my bright yellow Rooster Pro Aqua Beanie so mum and dad can see me on the race course- hey check out Steve getting soaked on his video on the web.

Be back soon!

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