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Isn't sailing great when the sun shines?

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

Last Saturday was another of our Special Saturdays, where we run some fun races for anyone who wants to do something different from the usual round the cans racing. As often happens, these days work better with a light wind because then control and collisions are not a problem and we had sun and a lovely bit of late summer sunshine too.

We did a reaching race, then one where paddling and kinetics were allowed when I blew the whistle, and had to stop when I blew it again, then the favourite ball chase where you just have to collect as many floating balls as you can, which includes stealing from everyone else.

We have ages from 4 upwards and we all have a great time and eat too many sweets.

We didn't have any formal racing on Sunday as it was the Forth Road Bridge 50 Birthday Flotilla event but 6 of the Laser fleet went out and organised our own races, using a rabbit start and got in 6 races in a couple of hours. Its surprising how quickly you can turn the races round and we didn't have to bother with blowing whistles to start a count down or set a line. With a little bit of coaching between races we got some great sailing and learnt a bit too.

I'm off to Loch Tummel this weekend and it could be a bit windless. I hope not but I've loaded up the Kindle and packing my walking boots.

Ian Baillie

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