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Irish Laser Calendar 2015

By Mark Harper 30th September 2020

The Irish laser racing circuit for 2015 promises some hard, intense racing with tricky conditions. Sadly there will be three events in Cork so I won’t be able to attend all as I have my Junior Certificate (state exams) in June.

Training in Rush Sailing Club November 2014
The year will start with the Munster Championships in Baltimore Sailing club in Cork in April. We are assured that Baltimore will bring challenging racing conditions with the notorious rock in the middle of the racing area causing tricky decisions about what side of the rock to go on. Because of the bay being very small, we are also assured that there will be plenty of wind shifts. The second event of 2015 will be the ISA Youth Nationals in the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Cross heaven, Co. Cork in April. This is one of the most important events in the Laser racing circuit as it decides who gets on the teams. The third event of 2015 will be the Ulster Championships in Lough Erne Yacht Club. I have never sailed in Lough Erne but I know it will be tricky because of the number of little islands in the lough and it will be very shifty. The next event of 2015 will be the Connaughts in Galway Bay Sailing Club in June, just after my exams. So thankfully I will be able to go to the Connaught’s. I have never sailed in Galway bay only watched the Volvo Ocean Race which held the in port race there in 2012. So hopefully we will get good racing conditions. The next event of 2015 will be the Leinster championships in Kinsale Yacht Club, The Leinsters in Cork (Munster?) Kinsale is one of the clubs in Ireland that I don’t like because it takes about one hour to get to the racing area, but it provides great racing conditions in a blow!!! The last event of 2015 will be The Nationals in the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire; finally one event close to my home. This will conclude the racing calendar for 2015. Because of this event being four days of intense racing, fitness is key for getting good results and to be able to sail to my full potential for every race. For my racing season in 2015 I will be sailing the 4.7 as I am still a bit underweight for the Radial. Aaron Rogers

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