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International Spring Cup, Cap d'Agde, France

By 2nd October 2020
Callum racing during the ''ïn-port race Racing during the ''ïn-port race" for the junior fleet
This April 2015 I went to the International French Cup (known in France as Coupe Internationale de Printemps or"CIP" at Cap d'Agde). This competition is a week long so you have to be consistent. When we arrived at the sailing club for the training day there were not many people around but the trailer was already there. We started unpacking boats. My boat was in the van so it was harder get out. In the end we managed to get it out. People from our club (SR-Antibes) started arriving. Afterwards we went to sail measurement to have our sails stamped. Even though we arrived early it was a hassle getting onto the water and sailing. In the end we got to sail. I sailed with our coach from Antibes. We went upwind for a bit (~50m) on starboard then we tacked. We joined with another club and did a race; I beat my sister by 100m. Then we went back in, packed up our boats and went to the apartment. We rinsed our Rooster boots and buoyancy aids. We had dinner then we went to bed. I had a good day sailing. The next day I woke up. In the morning we tried to find a supermarket, which took us 2 hours! At 12:00 we went sailing for a training race. In the training race I finished 31st and was happy with the result. When we came in from sailing I de-rigged my sail, then went back to the apartment. I had another great day sailing.

Callum heading back at the end of the day Heading back at the end of the day
On Monday I woke up early. Today was the first day where the races counted for the overall results. I got changed at the apartment with my Rooster boots. There was 7 knots of wind. I rigged my sail perfectly, then went to my briefing. We went out on the water, when I got to the committee the 5 minute gun went, but there was general recall. We all prepared for a 2nd start. Then we did a second race, and after two races we came in. That day I finished 4th and 27th in the two races. We went back to the apartment. In the following days everything happened more or less the same. I did less well in the racing on some days. At the end of the sailing week I finished 26th overall in the junior fleet. I really enjoyed my week. Callum

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