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Huge waves in Flanders!

By Ryan Wilkinson 2nd October 2020
Just returned from the European sailing regatta in Nieuwpoort (Belgium Nationals), which everybody calls Flanders. Lots of different classes racing although we only had Oppies and Cadets on our startline which sounded good except the Oppies were in two flights and every first start they had a general recall so we had to wait for ages! Weather was really mixed : Day 1: 30 degrees per Dad's car thermometer and decent winds - we had a 9th and 11th which I was very pleased with as the best of GBR/Netherlands/Belgium we there (28 boats). Day 2: we went out had a major thunder and lightening storm, got absolutely soaked then the police brought us in. After a few hours of nothing the day was abaondoned, so the only thing for it was rounders on the beach and Belgium waffles! Day 3: horrible sailing in no wind, big tide and big nasty waves and had a rubbish day with 21st and 26th - and on my birthday too. Still the evening BBQ helped. Day 4: was a cracker after a wait for the wind. We had big wind and huge seas and tide. The waves were the reason we went there and we got some brilliant wave surfing done. Best results ever and my boat was on fire -we came 1st and 3rd (were leading this one until we went swimming - so annoyed). Day 5: Last day the wind was howling - 55 mph off shore so race officers did not want to risk that coming closer to the shoreline where it was already gusting 30 plus. With big changes in the weather it's difficult to have kit which is good in all conditions, however the Rooster Hot Legs and Hot Top somehow magically keep you warm when needed and not too hot when needed- thanks Steve and Dad is going to buy some for my sisters as they are sailing now and will need them for Lake Garda (Cadet Worlds/Promo worlds) in July. Cheers everybody! Ryan

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