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How much Elastic!

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
I need to replace the take up elastic on the Merlin, it just wears out after a bit and your forever balancing up the control lines. I reckon there's about 50m of elastic on a Merlin, and I dare not think how much "rope" (not that there is such a thing on a boat) there is, I once reckon 146m excluding the halyards. Went to South Cerny weekend before last with the Cadets, I think watching siblings race is infinitely more emotional than racing yourself. The on-shore commentary from the other parents is also a whole new experience for me. The Cadet is a great training boat plus the South Cerny hospitality and we all enjoyed ourselves. As we normally sail at a big professionally run club, I forget how much effort a small club has to put in to an event, but boy did they muck in. At £1 a lunch, you'll forgive a lot, and there wasn't a lot to forgive, it was brilliant. Shame it poured with rain on the Sunday, put hey, I'm dry now. The Merlin ST was in HISC last weekend, sadly blown off on Saturday, but Sunday on and proper sea sailing it was too. Big waves, plenty of wind, tide and thirty plus boats. Race management was good, which bodes well for the Nationals. Off club sailing at Parkstone, assuming the wind drops! Don't mind either way as long as we sail!!

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