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Hitting the water

By 30th September 2020
After a long time since I last posted a lot has gone on, I can't say that everything has gone brilliantly or I have won lots of competitions, but what I can say is that I have learnt a huge amount about the sailing world and my sailing. Between my last blog and now I have made my transition from the Topper into the Laser Radial, I started going to the various UKLA Radial qualifiers, where I was gaining sailing knowledge and improving my results quickly. After going through the qualifiers I went onto the RYA Transitional Squad selection process. During this progress I was fully aware that my age of 17 was above the age of 16 you had to be below to be able to be selected for this squad and although I knew this I still wanted to push on to get the training the selection progress provided and improve my sailing. After completing this process I did not get a place in the squad, however I did learn a lot and my results were up at the top of the fleet. After being bombarded with college work and now my part-time work I haven't had lots of chances to go to events, I have also used this opportunity to think more about my sailing and break my sailing down to pick off the small bits in racing to improve myself. In the past 6 months after slowing down with national events I believe I have become a better sailor, however not just in my skills and boat handling, but in my head. It has helped me think things through with what I wanted to do and where I was going and also in my racing I believe that my mind is more focused. In my racing now I can make better decisions and justify them, and keep my head cool when things are going right and wrong. My next step is to up the gear in my sailing and life in general, I will be heading off to Southampton Solent University in September and would like to carry on my Laser racing, whilst studying hard. It will be a hard balance but I would like to make the balance to keep on improving. My next step with sailing is to get my body in a fitter shape to sail harder and also have more stamina on the big courses. I will do this by going to the gym more and sailing more. I hope to train more and then get back towards making goals for my sailing by doing events. As it stands my goal at the moment is to get back onto the pace my sailing was going early this year, but with a new matured sailing head, as I am going to be making big decisions at events and sailing with added pressures of university will be hard. But I am happy with where I'm at and going forward with my sailing. My Rooster sailing kit has helped me through this long process in the last year and has lasted very well. At the moment I am wearing my Rooster Thermaflex Longjohns, with my Polypros, Thermaflex top, Rooster boots and Black Diamond buoyancy aid which I have had for a long time. They all seem to be doing their job, as we have some strange and different conditions. I shall be keeping you up to date more with my progress on mRutland Laser Sailingy next steps in my Laser Radial Sailing - Laser Standard Sailing. Happy Sailing. Tom Charter

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